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100 % Success In RAD Exams.

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Adres ve Yön Tarifleri:

Ataşehir Branch - Tarabya Branch


Ballet - Tarabya Br.
(212) 299 1088
Ballet - Ataşehir Br.
(216) 315 4400
Piano - Both Branches
(532) 337 1885
Mobile - Both Branches
(532) 317 3437


Differentiated With Turkey's Only

RAD PDTD Teacher



Ballet Education With The Only

Royal Academy of Dance

"Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma"

- PDTD -

Ballet Teacher In Turkey





Royal Academy of Dance

Exam Statistics


  1. Pass Rate: %100
  2. Merit + Distinction Rate: %87
  3. Distinction Rate: %30

(These Rates Are First In Turkey)



First and Only RAD PDTD In Turkey

And Reflections In The Printed Media



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  1. English, Russian and Turkish ballet lessons,
  2. More than 40% International Students, from 4 different continents,
  3. Written proof of proficiency in the 3 leading ballet education systems, Royal Academy of Dance, Vaganova and Checctti,
  4. Teachers with fluent English, Russian and Turkish, besides the language of ballet: French.




Professional Vaganova Method

Aimed At Auditions


  1. Conservatory Entrance Exams,
  2. International Ballet Competitions,
  3. Professional Ballet Companies,
  4. Professional Dance Companies.



Ebru Ballet Schools Employ 2 Russian State Conservatory Graduates With Solid Vaganova Background




Progress - Always


  1. Year 2007 - Our first graduates,
  2. Year 2008 - Master Class started,
  3. Year 2008 - First RAD PDTD In Turkey,
  4. Year 2009 - London College of Music - Exam Center





Ballet gymnastics from the teachers with Vaganova background.

A Unique "Two-In-One" education option.

A Rythmic Gymnastic Education

With A Classical Ballet Twist.




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6 Questions To Ask Before Deciding On A Ballet School




  1. Did you "see" your teacher's diploma? Is it a diploma or a certificate?

  2. Is the teacher a highschool or a university level graduate?

  3. Does the "displayed" staff really enter the classes?

  4. Is the school "Ministry of Education Approved"?

  5. Is there written proof of proficiency on the ballet systems?

  6. What is the acceptance rate of graduates by the conservatories?


All Our Ballet School Graduates Are Accepted By The State Conservatories. Education Staff Behind This Success:


Prof. Alev Meral Tokgöz - (There Are Only 2 Ballet Prof. In Turkey)

Ş. Ebru Sayın, BA, RAD PDTD - (Türkey's Only RAD PDTD Diploma)

Conservatory Graduate 7 Specialist Ballet and Modern Dance Teachers

2 Russian State Conservatory Graduate Classical Ballet Teachers

3 Conservatory Graduate Piano and Violin Teachers


Ebru Ballet, Dance and Music Schools Employ Only Conservatory Graduate Teachers With More Than 5 Years Of Professional Performance Experience


Ş. Ebru Sayın, BA, RAD PDTD, Founder, Head of Classical Ballet

Ş. Ebru Sayın, BA, RAD PDTD - Founder

Founder, Ş. Ebru Sayın, is herself a Russian State Conservatory graduate, from the very same school as Rudolf Nureyev. She later got accepted by Mimar Sinan University and is still the only ballerina to be accepted directly from year two and graduated in just tree years.


She is the “only” ballet teacher to be accepted for the Royal Academy of Dance, “Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma” program from Turkey in the last 60 years and graduated with “Distinction”, the highest possible achievement.


She ranked 5th at International Sanlam Ballet Competition representing Turkey at the age of nineteen.


She danced professionally for 6 years at AKM. She performed in and worked with: 

·Leyla and Mecnun (Barra, Ray - Artistic director of Berlin Opera Ballet, 1996),

·Swan Lake (Dean, Derek – Artistic director of the English National Ballet, 1997),

·Sleeping Beauty (Dean, Derek 1998),

·Carmina Burana (Vamos, Yuri – Art director of Deutsche Oper am Rhein, 1999),

·Ferhat and Sirin (Grigorovich, Yuri - Artistic Director and Chief Choreographer of the Bolshoi Ballet, 2000, considered as “greatest living choreographer”)

·Nutcracker (Grigorovich, Yuri, 2001)


School’s director of advanced ballet is Prof. Alev Meral Tokgöz. There are only two professors on ballet in Turkey and she is the one to start classical ballet and modern dance programs at university level. She adapted Vaganova system for Turkey. Ebru Sayin is one of her first graduates.


Head of modern dance, Pınar Ataer, is a talented choreographer and dancer. She is awarded many times as the “best dance choreographer” and is also working with top professional dance groups and theatres in Turkey.


Ainura Alseitova is a Russian State Conservatory graduate and is a specialist in classical ballet and chararter dances.


Besides ballet and dance, the school provides academic piano teaching with the help of two conservatory graduates; Bilge Demirkazan and Serden Bircan.


Ballet teaching at the school is one of a kind, sustaining the perfectionism of Vaganova without losing the motivational teaching aspects of the Royal Academy of Dance method.


Teachers are fluent in English, Russian and Turkish, while the language of ballet is French. Generally more than 50% of the students are of different nationalities.


The school can shortly be described as “for the more serious moms” and expectations are higher. Teachers are very experienced in motivating the children and pushing them a little bit further, while the kids would only remember how nice the games they played and show you the beautiful awards they got.


On the average, one teacher is assigned for every 5 students. For the primary, prep and grade 1 classes there are 5 different day alternatives, including two weekend days. Children can attend any two or tree and can compensate for any missed classes in the same way.


A full fledged ballet recital is performed in the year ends at one of the top theatres in İstanbul. It has same format  with a professional performance and is a real stage experience for both the children and the parents.



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Bale Kursu, Bale Okulu, İstanbul'daki Bale Kursları ve Bale Okulları Arasından Seçim Yaparken En İyi Eğitimi Almanıza Yardım Edebilecek Önemli Noktalar ve Ebru Bale Kursu Kurucusu Şehnaz Ebru Sayın'ın Royal Academy of Dance Professional Dancers Teaching Diploma'yı Türkiye'nin İlk Bale Öğretmeni Olarak Alması, Konunun Basındaki Yansımaları.


Ebru Bale Kursu: Bale Okulu, Modern Dans Okulu, Piyano Dersi ve Ritmik Jimnastik Eğitimi Konusunda Bilmeniz Gereken Herşey. İstanbuldaki Bale Okulları ve Bale Kursları, ve İstanbuldaki Popüler Bale Okulları ve Dans Kurslarında Dikkat Edilmesi Gerekenler. İstanbul'daki ve Türkiye Genelindeki Bale Okullarına Örnekler ve Bale Kurslarını Kıyaslarken Sormanız Gereken Önemli Noktalar. Bale Kursu Eğitim Kadrosu İstanbul, İstanbuldaki Bale Kursları, Bale Okulu Seçerken,

Bale Dersi Eğitim Metodu Kriterleri.

Piano and Violin Education

With Elite Teacher In Istanbul


London College of Music Exams Announcements



London College of Music İstanbul

LCM - Exam Center +

Ministry Of Education Approved Conservatory Equivalence

(LCM, Department of TVU, London)




7 Golden Questions To Ask

Before Taking Piano Lessons




With all conservatory graduate teaching staff, you can walk any path you want;


London College of Music





Private Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons - Violin Education - Violin School